May is Pet Nutrition Month

Nutrition — the single most important environmental influencer on a pet’s health and well-being — is the cornerstone of veterinary care.

Just like checking temperature, pulse, respiration and pain, assessing nutrition is vital to optimal animal health.

The type and proportion of nutrients your pet requires, changes with each life stage and can vary with breed and medical conditions.

As veterinary professionals, we only recommend diets that we know are safe and are clinically proven to contain and do what they claim. We generally do not recommend store bought diets because 98% of them have not been through clinical trials. This means YOUR PET is the clinical trial.

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Our Services

  • Preventive care for all life stages (puppy/kitten, adult & mature) including vaccinations & spay/neuter services

  • Nutritional & behavioral consultations

  • Dentistry including digital dental x-ray

  • In-house laboratory and digital x-ray

  • Ultrasound

  • Therapy laser

  • General soft tissue and orthopedic surgery

  • Cardiology services/consultation

  • Hospitalization facilities

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