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Welcome to Dog & Cat Hospital in Red Deer, Alberta

Dog & Cat Hospital has two veterinary clinics in Red Deer, Alberta including East Hill Dog & Cat Hospital and Clearview Dog & Cat Hospital. We are an animal first facility that provides the utmost care to your furry friends. At our hospitals, our veterinarians and staff work carefully to gain the trust of your beloved pets while giving them the care that they need. To reinforce this, our veterinary care team has completed a comprehensive course and exam to become Fear Free Certified. We are committed to having a stress-free visit for you and your loyal companion.

At our hospitals, we provide care for dogs and cats of all ages. We are always open to new clients who have just welcomed a new pet in their home. At both locations, we provide preventative and medical care for all our patients. Our hospitals have complete surgical suites to perform general soft tissue surgery and orthopedic surgery. We are also capable of providing hospitalization services to your furry friends to improve their health and speed up recovery. When you choose any of our hospitals for your pet they receive the best possible care from our experienced staff who take pride in their service. Your pet’s health and wellbeing are our main priority.

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