Veterinary Exam

A comprehensive checkup of your cat or dog to ensure they remain happy and healthy.

Just like humans need health checkups, your furry pal needs veterinary exams. These allow our team to assess their overall health. We perform a series of tests along with a physical examination that tells us about their internal and external health. The goal of veterinary exams is to keep veterinarians and pet owners updated on any health changes since their last visit.

What happens during a veterinary exam?

We begin veterinary exams with a physical assessment of your pet. Our veterinarians check their skin for bumps or lumps, their posture, weight and growth. We also check for your pet’s vital signs to make sure their heart rate is normal and that they are breathing properly. This is also a great time for pet owners to ask questions about their pet’s health. Please don’t hesitate to bring up any small changes you notice in your pet. To figure out what’s going on inside their body we perform screening tests. With our in-house laboratory we are able to analyze pet blood and urine. If our tests reveal any abnormalities we will make recommendations on the best treatment for their condition.

How many veterinary exams does my pet need?

Adult pets need at least one veterinary exam each year. If your pet is younger they need more checkups to track their development. We recommend three veterinary exams for puppies and kittens. Senior pets need two exams each year to monitor any health condition they have or may develop. If it’s time for your pet to have a veterinary exam, contact us to schedule an appointment.

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