Bloodwork Services

Monitoring the health of your pet is crucial, as they may not exhibit visible signs of illness.

Blood tests are important to establish your pet’s medical history. We test your pet’s blood annually during their physical exams. Our hospitals have in-house laboratories which means you will have your pet’s blood results within the same day.

Why does my pet need bloodwork services?

There are many reasons as to why your pet may need to have their bloodwork done. For one we perform blood tests on both healthy and sick pets. Healthy pets need bloodwork done to create a baseline for their healthy state. Knowing your pet’s baseline health helps our veterinarians compare their blood levels in the future. As previously mentioned we use blood tests to diagnose illnesses in pets. Other reasons why your pet may need bloodwork are:

  • Your pet is a senior. Senior pets need their bloodwork done to catch illnesses before they become serious.
  • To diagnose unknown conditions. Your pet may seem healthy but it is hard to determine this by only looking at their physical body.

How often does my pet need bloodwork done?

Blood tests are conducted whenever your pet is sick and during their annual veterinary exam. Senior pets require their bloodwork to be completed twice each year during their wellness exam. If your pet needs their bloodwork done, please give our team a call.

How can I prepare my pet for bloodwork?

To get the best blood samples we may ask that your furry friend fast for eight hours before their blood is taken. Sometimes if your pet has eaten before a blood test the samples may be fatty and require retesting. That being said, bloodwork can be done on demand, for example, if the doctor is examining your pet and notices something that needs further analysis.

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