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Orthopedic Services for Pets

As your loyal companion gets older they may develop conditions in their joints and muscles. Orthopedic conditions cause inflammation, discomfort and pain for your pet. At our hospitals, we treat these conditions through therapy, surgery or medication. If your pet needs treatment for an orthopedic condition, we are more than happy to help. Simply give us a call to learn more about our services.

What are common orthopedic problems in pets?

Your pet may face certain orthopedic conditions due to their age, breed, weight and size. Other factors include genetics and untreated injuries. Some common orthopedic conditions we treat at our hospital include:

  1. Osteoarthritis
  2. Hip dysplasia
  3. Fractures
  4. Elbow dysplasia

What are signs of an orthopedic condition in my pet?

When your pet is in pain their first instinct is to hide it. By the time they start to show symptoms the discomfort may have become unbearable. This is why we encourage pet parents to look into any new behaviours or habits their pet has developed. Here are some signs of an orthopedic condition:

  • Stiffness/limping
  • Weight loss
  • Joint swelling or soreness
  • Difficulty going up and down the stairs
  • Hesitant to jump or run

    If you see any of these signs in your pet, we recommend that they are evaluated by a veterinarian immediately. Give us a call so we can schedule you for an appointment at your earliest convenience.

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