Dental Care Services for Pets

Dental care in your loyal companion should not be neglected. The condition of your pet’s mouth has a direct connection to their health. Oral bacteria can enter your pet’s bloodstream and cause problems in their kidney, heart and liver. With routine dental exams our veterinarians can keep their teeth sparkly white. We carefully examine their mouth for any infections or buildup and provide treatment for all oral health concerns.

What are signs of dental problems in pets?

Dental problems in your furry friends are easy to spot by regularly checking their mouths. Once you notice something not normal for your furry friend, please do not hesitate to have the issue checked out by their vet. Some signs of dental problems include:

  • Bad breath
  • Bloody saliva
  • Blood on chew toys
  • Chewing on one side
  • Loose tooth
  • Bumps or lumps in the mouth
  • Reluctance to being touched on the head or face

    How can I care for my pet’s oral health?

    The best way to care for your loyal companion’s oral health is to treat their oral hygiene the same way you would treat yours. There are many ways to ensure that you keep their teeth clean, here are a few:

    1. Brushing their teeth daily: By brushing your pet’s teeth you remove the plaque that is formed from bacteria and leftover food particles.
    2. Annual Oral Exams: Oral exams at our hospitals include dental X-rays and routine dental cleanings. Dental cleanings remove plaque that has hardened.
    3. Examine their mouths: As previously mentioned, checking your pet’s mouth can prevent dental problems from worsening. The earlier the problem is caught, the easier it is to treat it.
    4. Choose good quality foods for your pet. Our veterinarians sometimes recommend foods that prevent plaque from hardening or scrub your pet’s teeth as they chew.

    To learn more about how you can support your furry friend’s oral health, reach out to our team.

  • Last updated: March 2, 2022.

    Dear Clients,

    Based on the latest provincial guidelines for veterinary practices, below are some important updates to our operating policies.

    This includes vaccines, wellness exams, blood work, heartworm testing, spays and neuters, dental services, and more!


  • Face masks are only required in the exam room and must be worn properly over both the nose and mouth.
  • Continue to socially distance when interacting with others.
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