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Chaya Rusaw


I choose veterinary medicine because I knew from childhood that I was interested in helping animals, but didn't actually figure out what role that would be until one night when I came across the job description for RVT and decided that it could be rewarding and challenging. I then put all my effort into getting into school. My areas of interest vary because I like to challenge myself regularly to learn new skills and look into individual cases whenever possible. Currently my interests are in anesthesia/pain management, dentistry, and emergency patient care.

The parts of my job that I love are the days I get kitty head-boops, slobbery doggy kisses, and when I get to help manage a sick/emergent or anesthetically-challenging patient and help them get home to their families. I also love when people send us flowers and food as thank yous!

Fun fact about me: I got a matching cat-stache tattoo with Katherine Howe and I really enjoy volunteering both locally and internationally as an RVT.

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