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Caitlynn Stone


I have always been interested in the animal veterinary field since I was a little child. We always had dogs and cats growing up so I was no stranger to small animals, and now I currently have my amazing Cane Corso, Eddie. It wasn't until 2020 that I decided to actually take the leap into the field by applying to Olds College Veterinary Medical Receptionist Program, in which I completed in August 2021. I will admit the tech/assitant end of everything peaks my interest quite a bit, as well as animal behaviours. I just love the idea of being hands on and helping those animals that need just a little extra tender loving care whether physically or emotionally.

The most rewarding thing about working with Dog and Cat Hospital is just simply seeing the expressions on both the animals faces and the owners faces when they leave the building knowing they got the best care. Everyone who comes into our building, be it staff or client, always cares so much and are so detail oriented that you just know the animal is getting the best treatment we can offer and with all the love in the world.

A little fun fact about me is that I was a provincially ranked gymnast, where I competed for 16 years and now in my spare time I still love to participate in acrobatics through activities like aerial silks and aerial hoops!

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