Our Animal Care Team

Candice Blum, Practice Manager/Animal Nurse (AHT)

Dr. Kristi Volk, Owner, DVM

Candice is an animal nurse and practice manager. She joined our team in the winter of 2005 after moving to Red Deer from the Edmonton area. She started working in a veterinary clinic as a student in 1997 before graduating from N.A.I.T Animal Health Technology program in 2002. Candice lives with her husband Darcy and two sons Aiden & Austin. They have two dogs Sushee & Daisy, a cat Max and Mr. Cuddles the Guinea pig. Candice enjoys distance and trail running, is a certified YOGA instructor, and about anything that helps her maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Email: candiceb@dogandcathospital.ca

Candice's Pets

Sarah Gervais, Animal Nurse (AHT)

Dr. Sarah Fahay, DVM, BSc

Sarah is a veterinary nurse and graduated from the Olds program in 2011. She grew up in Chapleau, Ontario and moved to Alberta in 2007. Sarah joined our team in 2011. She enjoys music, swimming, camping and being outdoors. Sarah lives in Blackfalds with her husband Torry, two American Pit Bull Terriers Lexi & Ryder and green cheek Conure Rio. She has special interests in lab sample analysis & anesthesia.

Email: sarahl@dogandcathospital.ca

Sarah's Pets

Megan Barrett, Veterinary Technical Assistant (VTA)

Dr. Kimberly Toovey, DVM, BScN, RN

Megan was born and raised in British Columbia, and grew up in West Kelowna. She attended Olds College in 2012 for her Veterinary Technical Assistant Diploma which she received with top honors. She has been part of the Dog & Cat Hospital since 2012 and works some Saturdays at our East Hill location. Megan has a keen interest in the Hill’s Veterinary diets, and enjoys learning more about them. She also likes to take the time to help new or current clients select an option that would best suite their pets needs. Megan lives with her husband, and her wonderful dogs. She also has her own sign company Paws Warm Hearts Designs which she dedicates her free time to, with a portion of the proceeds going to the local Humane Society. Megan enjoys coming into the clinic and visiting when she isn’t working. She has a big heart is always full of energy, and a friendly face to see. In her free time she enjoys fishing, camping, movies, being around friends, and her dogs.   

Email: meganb@dogandcathospital.ca

Megan's Pets

Holly Klakowich, Animal Nurse (AHT)

Dr. Kimberly Toovey, DVM, BScN, RN

Holly joined the Dog & Cat Hospital team in January 2014 and worked part time while she achieved her AHT diploma which she received in June 2015. Holly lives in Red Deer with her husband Steve, daughter Aria, German Short-haired Pointer Apollo, two cats Shilo and Shade, and bearded dragon Leah. In her free time Holly enjoys running, camping and swimming.

Email: hollyk@dogandcathospital.ca

Holly's Pets

Stephanie Schalm, Animal Nurse (AHT)

Dr. Kimberly Toovey, DVM, BScN, RN

Stephanie is a veterinary nurse who graduated from Olds College in 2014 with a diploma in Animal Health Technology. Way back in 2007 when she was only in grade eight, Stephanie actually had a job shadow day at our East Hill location and knew that she was going to one day have a career in veterinary medicine. She worked at East Hill Dog & Cat Hospital over the summer in 2013 as an animal health technology student, and returned for her practicum in 2014 before continuing full time after graduation. She has found a passion within her career in client and patient care, as well as inventory management. Stephanie was born and raised in Red Deer, and has a feline furball named Mika. In her spare time she can be found playing video games, enjoying movies and new TV shows, reading, hiking and camping, and the new challenge of yoga

Email: stephanies@dogandcathospital.ca

Stephanie's Pets

Katherine Howe, Medical Office Assistant with Veterinary Specialty

Dr. Kimberly Toovey, DVM, BScN, RN

Katherine grew up on Vancouver Island, BC, and has lived in Red Deer since 2012. Katherine graduated in 2014 from the Academy of Learning with a diploma as a Medical Office Assistant with Veterinary Specialty. She lives with her boyfriend Dan and her cat Remy. Katherine joined the Dog & Cat Hospital team in 2014, and is our primary receptionist at the East Hill location. 

Email: katherineh@dogandcathospital.ca

Katherine's Pets

Jessica Strizich, Animal Nurse (AHT)

Dr. Kimberly Toovey, DVM, BScN, RN

Jessica is an animal nurse who graduated from the Fairview Animal Health Technology program in the spring of 2015. She grew up in Northern British Columbia and always wanted to be involved in veterinary medicine with a special interests in wildlife. Jessica has a cat named Tifa, whom she fell in love with when she was surrendered at the East Hill clinic and adopted her.

Email: jessicas@dogandcathospital.ca

Jessica's Pets

Erin Mercer, Animal Nurse (AHT)

Erin Mercer

Erin, moved from Vancouver Island for Agriculture College in Olds from 2007-2009 and then went back to Olds where she graduated from the AHT program in 2013. Erin worked as a nurse in a mixed animal practice for 3.5 years before coming to us to work  and is a part time relief milker. Loves taking zumba and dance classes in Red Deer, cuddling with her 3 cats; Terry, Jane, and Hedges and getting back to the Island to visit her family!

Email: erinm@dogandcathospital.ca

Erin's Pets

Cara Ouellette, Animal Nurse (AHT)

Erin Mercer

Cara graduated from the Animal Heath Technology program at Olds College in 2016. She lives in Red Deer with her fiancé Erich, their two dogs; Puffin and Sparrow, and their two cats; Toad and Tortoise. She grew up in Rocky Mountain House and since moving to Red Deer in 2010 she has worked in the animal industry such as, dog daycare's and veterinary hospitals. Cara enjoys travelling, snowboarding, camping, floating down the river and walking the dogs.  Cara joined our team in 2017

Email: carao@dogandcathospital.ca

Cara's Pets

Kaytlin Evans, Animal Nurse (AHT)

Kaytlin Evans.jpg

Kaytlin graduated from the Animal Health Technology program in Fairview Alberta in 2019 and is registered veterinary technician. She is passionate about providing quality care for her patients. She is a true animal lover and enjoys spending time at home with her fluffy doggo Saige, and her two furry felines, Milo and Luna.

Email: kaytline@dogandcathospital.ca

Kaytlin's Pets

Miranda Rowley, Animal Nurse (AHT)

Erin Mercer

Miranda graduated from the Thompson Rivers University in BC in Animal Health Technology in 2011. She moved from the beautiful British Columbia to Lacombe, Alberta in 2013 and lives with her husband, Dustin. daughter Sylvia Anne, dogs Jezzabelle & Jake, and Jerry-Lucy (the cat).  Miranda enjoys: hiking, kayaking, fishing and agility with the dogs. 

Email: mirandar@dogandcathospital.ca

Miranda's Pets

Chaya Rusaw, Animal Nurse (AHT)

Erin Mercer

Chaya joined our team in 2017, she worked in emergency medicine from the time of her graduation from Olds College in 2014. She has a special interest in blood donor programs and blood transfusion medicine, nutrition and dentistry. She currently lives in Red Deer with her three cats and one dog: Jam-Jam, Izzy, Merlin and Charleston. Chayas favorite hobbies include: snowboarding, hiking and fishing.

Email: chaya@dogandcathospital.ca

Chaya's Pets

Jessica Dial, Veterinary Medical Receptionist

Erin Mercer

Jessica is a Veterinary Medical Receptionist and joined our team in 2017. Jessica lives in Red Deer with her two daughters Norah and Ava. They have 4 dogs Mya, Halo, Nyla and Scout and 1 horse, Rulet. Jessica enjoys spending time with her kids, being outdoors, riding horses and camping. She has special interests in animal behavior.   

Email: jessicad@dogandcathospital.ca

Jessica's Pets
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Holly Altena, Animal Nurse (AHT)

HA profile pic.jpg

Holly joined the Dog & Cat Hospital team in early 2017 as an animal assistant before she started the AHT program in Olds in late 2017. She did her practicum with us and graduated in 2019 and transitioned into her role as an animal nurse. Holly lives in Red Deer with her partner, Tyler, their two cats, Figaro & Stella and their fish, Leviathan. In her spare time, Holly enjoys going to the movies, playing video games, at-home workouts and going to Disneyland. 

Email: hollya@dogandcathospital.ca

Holly's Pets