Stay Well Rewards Program - FAQ

How do I earn rewards?
  • Earn wellness points when you purchase veterinary diets. Carry your Stay Well Reward card to collect points. Points must be applied at the time of purchase or within 7 days with a receipt.

  • Each dollar spent on veterinary diets translates to one wellness point. Wellness points can be used towards many services.

  • 10 wellness points = $1 towards veterinary services* at either Dog & Cat Hospital location. (So, if you spend $100 on food, you will have earned $10 towards services). In other words, you earn back 10% of your food purchases towards services (considerably higher than most rewards programs)!

  • Register your card and bring it with you when you purchase food.

  • Points can't be redeemed without registering your card.

What can I use the rewards for?
  • *Services including: dentistry, surgery, diagnostic testing (blood and urine tests, x-rays, ultrasound, etc.) and laser therapy

  • Points cannot be redeemed for products (i.e. food, retail, medications, supplements ) or preventive examinations/vaccinations

  • Points can be used for ANY PET in the household

  • Points can be used at any level of accumulation (up to a MAXIMUM of $250 per visit)

Do reward points expire?
  • The intention is to use the points for ongoing preventive health care. After a 1 year period of inactivity on the card, the points will automatically expire.

What if I lose my loyalty card?
  • Unregistered cards cannot be replaced. Register your card immediately!

  • Registered cards can be replaced by visiting either Dog & Cat Hospital location.

How do I register my card?
  • Simply click on the Register My Card link on the right side.

How do I check my balance?
  • Simply click on the Check My Balkance link on the right side.

Stay Well Rewards