January is Spay and Neuter Month

Spaying or Neutering your pet is a routine surgical procedure that has many health benefits.

Benefits of Spaying

• Prevents unwanted pregnancies.

• Eliminates in-heat cycle.

• Eliminates risk of uterine or ovarian cancer.

• Significant decreased risk of mammary cancer when spayed before first heat.

Benefits of Neutering

• Reduces risk of prostate cancer and other genital diseases.

• Reduces unwanted roaming and aggressive behavior.

• Reduces territorial marking with offensive urine odors.

Common Myths

• Spaying/Neutering will make my pet fat.

• I need to wait for the first heat cycle before getting my pet spayed.

• My pet's behavior will change dramatically after surgery.

• There are plenty of good homes available if my pet has a litter.

• My male dog can't have puppies so there is no reason to have him neutered.

• Spaying and Neutering is a painful procedure.

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