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Madison Cunningham

I grew up on a farm where I was always around animals. My fascination with them as a child only grew stronger as I went through school. I decided to take the VMR program in Olds where I graduated in the beginning of 2018. I went back to Olds to complete the VTA program in late 2018. I then found out I was accepted to the AHT program which I completed in February of 2021. I chose Olds college because of my passion for large animal, but I have found an interest in small animal procedures. This is what brought me to The Dog and Cat Hospital as a VTA in 2019 and again in March of 2021. The support and guidance I’ve received as a new grad has been amazing and I couldn’t ask for a better team. I’ve made lifelong friends amongst my coworkers and a day is never had without some laughs. One fun fact about me is I have four dogs. Three of which are Golden Retrievers and one is a mixed rescue pup.