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Jessica Dial

I have always had a huge love for animals since I was little. I always brought home the stray kittens from the local fairground barn and dreamed of being a Veterinarian. I became involved with Spay and Neuter clinics in 2012 within Alberta and it sparked an interest in helping animals full-time, which led me to working at a Vet Clinic. I have never looked back since! I am very passionate about curbing our stray animal overpopulation issues, with hopes of developing a local spay/neuter program for feral farm cats. I am also hoping to dive deeper into animal behaviour (with special interests in dogs and equines). I love interacting with our clients on a daily basis! I have developed great relationships with some of our clients while working at the Dog + Cat Hospital and I am always looking forward to meeting new faces! I love everything vintage and my dream vehicles are a 1968 mustang convertible and a 1984 dodge ram.